The NEW Woman

womanWhen we talk about women it’s important to recognize the rich diversity of women in our industry. Young and old, black and white, Hispanic and Asian, native born and immigrant, gay and straight.

The experiences of a single mom, someone going to night school, a lesbian veteran, a child of immigrants or a woman one generation away from poverty are different than those of your typical Ivy League MBA.

But in this tapestry is a common thread. A person we call The NEW Woman.

For her, there was never a doubt. She raised her hand in school, went out for the team and ran for Student Council. She worked hard, in school and after class. She stood out in college, and was recognized as someone you could trust. Leadership was in her DNA.

She came to our industry with high hopes. She learned the ropes. Started a family and climbed the ladder. She wants to give it her all. She wants to make a difference. But she feels stuck. She wants more.

This is the talent your organization needs. This is the woman our Movement serves.

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