It’s time for senior-level executives

Companies making progress in women’s leadership have one thing in common: Committed executives driving change. Here’s what you can do as a senior-level leader to drive women’s leadership, build your business and create a better workplace for everyone.

Lend your name and leadership to our Movement. We’ll post your name on our Wall of Change and send you updates on our Movement and special content from the Network of Executive Women.

More than 100 leading companies are corporate partners of the Network of Executive Women. These organizations receive memberships, special content, event admissions and discounts — and they send a strong message to employees, clients and industry: We’re part of this Movement; we support women’s leadership.

If you already belong to one of our partner organizations, double down on your engagement. Leverage your engagement with NEW Career Accelerator Workshops custom-designed for your organization learning programs, webinars, conferences and regional and onsite events. Move your support to the next level and receive more memberships and benefits for your employees.

Consult with NEW leaders and staff members. We’ll help you accelerate your efforts to advance your women and equip them to be leaders in our Movement.

Enlist men
Women’s leadership is not a women’s issue, it’s a business issue, and our Movement requires the active participation of men to succeed. Don’t just send your women to NEW events, send your men, too.

Download and share NEW research. Subscribe to our NEW SmartBrief and NEW Times newsletters and forward relevant articles to your team members. Join our 44,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Embed women’s leadership in your content, communications and programs. Attend NEW’s conferences and regional events and volunteer to speak. Ask other members of your senior leadership team to do the same. Make your organization a leader in our Movement.

Studies show that women are less likely than men to seek and receive sponsorship from senior executives in their firms. Lack of sponsorship is one of the key barriers to the advancement of women. You can change that by setting an example and encouraging other senior leaders in your organization to sponsor high-performing women.

Foster inclusion
One third of the nation’s female workforce is nonwhite. Yet D&I efforts often focus on either gender or race — neglecting the unique challenges of multicultural women. To advance women’s leadership you must recognize the rich diversity of our nation’s women and root out institutional and cultural bias.

Build a legacy
NEW would not be where it is today without the support of pioneering leaders like Don Knauss of Clorox, Tom Greco of PepsiCo and the late Bill Grize of Ahold USA. Women’s leadership is part of their legacy. Make it part of yours. Do it for your organization. Do it for your organization’s women. Do it for your daughters. Do it for yourself.

Develop your teams
Use the NEW Leadership Academy and other online learning to develop your staff and your mentees. Organize watch parties with your direct reports and mentees and then lead a discussion on the content. Ask participants want they learned and what surprised them. Ask, “What key takeaway did you get and what will you do differently to grow your leadership skills and make your company a better place to work?” Invest time in yourself – invest time in developing others. Together we can create a workplace where everyone can be their best.

NEW has partnered with the Center for Creative Leadership to develop a unique leadership model for women in our industry. Our Accelerator Report highlights eight key competencies critical to women (and five career derailers). These competencies are featured in our NEW Leadership Academy webinars. Read and share the report with your team today.

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