It’s time for multicultural leaders

NEW is committed to helping the retail, consumer goods and services industry become a destination for multicultural talent — especially multicultural women — and helping these leaders advance to the industry’s highest ranks. Everyone benefits from a diverse and inclusive organization — and everyone has a part to play in creating the inclusive workplaces we need to compete.

Get engaged
Watch our “NEW, Inclusion and You” video to get inspired and see what NEW is doing to help inclusion in our business. Download our Tapestry Report to learn more about multicultural leadership in the retail, consumer goods and services industry. You’ll get stats and stories plus an agenda for organizational and individual change.

Be an advocate
One third of the nation’s female workforce is nonwhite. Yet D&I efforts often focus on either gender or race — neglecting the unique challenges of multicultural women. To advance women’s leadership, we must recognize the rich diversity of our workforce, speak out for inclusion and root out institutional and cultural bias at every level.

Redefine inclusion
Inclusion encompasses not just race and gender, but factors like age, background, religion, education, veteran status, ability and sexual orientation. Brought together in an inclusive environment, this diversity creates smart, productive teams where everyone can bring their own special talents to the table.

Embrace differences
Too many organizations embrace one leadership model and reward one leadership style. Multicultural leaders have different leadership traits and these traits must be recognized and rewarded. Otherwise we lose the special talents of multicultural leaders — and multicultural leaders themselves.

Incorporate diversity into your recruiting, career development and succession planning to ensure you have a strong and steady pipeline of multicultural talent. NEW has signature learning programs, events, conferences and webinars that can help. Read and share our Accelerator Report to learn more about our learning model and the 13 success factors critical to women in our industry.

Mentoring and sponsorship
Mentoring and sponsorship is especially critical to underrepresented groups like women of color and LGBT. Organizations must intentionally link sponsors to high-potential multicultural women who can advance one or two levels higher than their current positions.

Build a legacy
Make inclusion part of your personal mission statement — and your personal legacy. Do it for your organization. Do it for your kids. Do it for yourself.

Join our Movement. We’ll post your name on our Wall of Change and send you updates on our Movement and special content from the Network of Executive Women.

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