Behind the It’s Time Movement

Since its founding in 2001, NEW has been highly successfully in putting women’s leadership on the industry’s agenda. We have built a powerful organization and grown to more than 10,000 members. We have helped tens of thousands of leaders.

But we’ve sent these leaders back to companies that haven’t changed. The share of women in leadership roles in our industry has barely budged in the past five years.

So we set on a new course. We asked ourselves, what would it take to create a workplace where women had the same leadership opportunities as men and everyone could be their best?

We called this initiative NEW 2020. We interviewed our stakeholders and industry leaders, both women and men. We conducted focus groups and surveys. We engaged more than 1,500 people in all.

NEW members told us they wanted better career strategies, greater opportunity, authenticity in the workplace and work/life flexibility. Our corporate partners said they wanted to find and keep high-potential talent and advance their business. These overlapping needs are the foundation of our transformation Movement.

So NEW has a new mission: To advance women, grow business and transform our industry’s workplace through the power of our community.

A new vision: A workplace with no limits.

And a new Movement with this manifesto: It’s time for a new workplace. One that’s less rigid and more flexible. Less authoritative and more collaborative. Less conformist and more diverse. More authentic and less impersonal.

NEW is creating a new model for workplace transformation. To advance women and create a more flexible and inclusive workplace for everyone. It’s time for a Movement.

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